Day 165 – Her – 50 Word Story

The rancid smell of death tears at his eyes, and he tightly clutches at the handkerchief, firmly pressing it against his nose and mouth.

A radio comes to life with a screech, “Bannister, answer me god damn it!”

He raises the mouthpiece to his dry, pale lips, “I found her.”


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Deep below,

in the darkness,

where your sins try to hide,

is where I am,

like a disease,

a dark shadow,

devouring all that I find,

ripping and tearing,

my way through this world,

making it my own,

removing his mistakes,

one by one,

until there is only me,

until there is only,

The Roundhead,

and then,

he will see,

what it truly means to feel pain.

Day 164 – Boxindul – 50 Word Story Expanded

“I guess you want me to start at the beginning?”

“Is that where you want to start?”

“Not really, but I think you need to know something, an overview, so you can see how we ended up here.”

“Well, then tell me, how did it all start?” He asks, leaning back in his seat.

“When Jenny found the box.”

“Where did she find it?”

“It was in her locker, just sitting there.”

“So, someone had unlocked her locker, somehow, placed this box in and then locked it again, is that about right?”

“That’s what she said, and before you ask, yes, I believed what she said, I was with her most of the day, all day once we got there, and if it was in there in the morning, she would’ve said something, so, it had to’ve happened then.”

“Okay, so, what happened next, after she found the box?”

“Well, we didn’t know what to do, we thought maybe it could’ve been a bomb or something worse, so, we left it there until we had time to think.”

“So, you thought about it and then what? You decided you should just open it?”

“Well, yeah, I mean, Jenny had no enemies, everyone loved her, and I honestly, wouldn’t think anyone would target her to kill everyone else.”

“So, tell me, what happened after you opened the box?”

“There was nothing inside it, it was empty, or at least, that’s what we thought at first, it looked that way, that changed when she threw it in the bin and then some weird light started going off. We looked in and the box seemed different, like it was, I don’t know, it’s going to sound crazy if I say it out loud.”

“Try me, you’d be surprised what I believe.”

“Well,” he says leaning across the table. “Well, it seemed alive.”

“What, the box?”

“Yeah, it was, it was strange, like it was actually a living, breathing thing, see,” he says, collapsing into his chair. “It sounds nuts, I mean, how could it be?”

“What happened next?”

“Well, we fished it out of the bin and decided to get it to Mister Winters, our science teacher, he’s pretty cool, and, well, we thought if anyone had a chance at knowing what it was, it was Mister Winters.”

“But, everything didn’t go to plan did it?”

“Well, of course not, I mean, that’s why you’re here right?”

“Sort of, we’re here to determine what the next manoeuvre will be. Now, what happened to Jenny?”

“As soon as Mister Winters saw the box he wet himself, like he knew what it was, Jenny saw her chance, so she tried to get the fuck out of dodge, that’s when the box grew those teeth, and, well, next thing I know, she’s missing a chunk of flesh from her throat, and convulsing on the ground in front of me, choking on her own blood.”

“So what, you just stood back and watched while this happened?”

“I had no choice, I was holding the fucking thing, and it wouldn’t let me do anything.”

“Right, then what happened?”

“Well, that’s when Mister Winters started going on about some cursed box thing, and told me all the stories that were going around school about him were true, he was, a homosexual wizard, and the box, was a creature called a Boxindul. He said the Boxindul needed to be banished before it hurt anyone else, so he started mumbling something I couldn’t understand, waved his wand around, I swear I didn’t see him pull it from anywhere, and, as he brought it down, to finish the spell, this Boxindul thing launched itself from my hands and attacked him, there was nothing I could do, he died a hero, saved us all I bet.” he says, looking up at him, tears in his eyes.

“Okay, I think, you’ve answered all the questions we have at this stage,” he says, as he slowly gets up from his seat.

“So, I’m good to go?”

He sucks in a quick breath through clenched teeth and screws his face up, “I think, there might be a problem with that.”

“What? Why? I’ve told you everything, I swear!”

“I know you have, It’s just that the video footage we have, shows us a different account of what happened. One that doesn’t involve this Boxindul, just you, and the two victims.”



Day 164 – Boxindul – 50 Word Story

“And, well, next thing I know, she’s missing a chunk of flesh from her throat, and convulsing on the ground in front of me, choking on her own blood.”

“So what, you just stood back and watched while this happened?”

“I had no choice, I was holding the fucking thing.”


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SlasherMonster October Fun – Ripped – 50 Word Story Expanded

I had the fortune of being presented with the opportunity to take part in a bit of fun during the October season over at SlasherMonster Magazine, the idea was to take a short, 50 word story, expand it, and SlasherMonster would post it during the month.

Okay, sounds like something I’ve been doing here every week, so what’s the catch? You have to expand a 50 word story that wasn’t yours! Bang, mind blown. I had fun with this, more fun than I normally do, which is hard to top, because, lets face it, I enjoy spreading the flesh with a sharp blade, and playing with your gizzards at the best of time.  So, without going on anymore, the second short that I had the pleasure to be part of is up, waiting for your eyes, just follow the below links.

For Poet Rummager’s (Rose Perez) original 50 Word Story, venture over to HERE.

Then, once you have taken it inside, and are curious to see where I took this deeply dark, disturbing tale, head over to SlasherMonster HERE, and read my expanded version.

Also, if you didn’t get a chance to look at the original story I had the enjoying chance to expand, you can follow the links below. Or just stay on SlasherMonster’s blog and take a look around at the other participants, and their dark, demented tales.

You can read the original 50 Word Story posted on Karina’s blog HERE.

Then, you can go to SlasherMonster and read my expanded version HERE.





as the veil lifts,

and you see me now,

for what I am,

the beast,

the demon,

the bastard son of this world,

I ask you not to be scared,

for you should rejoice,

for when I take you,

you and your sin,

it’ll be forever,

it’ll be to the end,

I’ll never leave you,

and you’ll never leave me,

so close your eyes my child,

for it’s time t.. What, are you crying?

can it be true,

after all the words I’ve said,

you still fear me?

Day 163 – Daily Prompt – Millions – 50 Word Story Expanded

“It’s easy, you either sign it all over to me, or both of you get a bullet, to the head!” She says, as she holds the rifle towards them.

“Marion, this is ridiculous! Put the gun down, and let’s talk ab…” But he doesn’t get to finish his sentence as a shot fires from the rifle and hits him squarely in the centre of his chest, he stands there for a few long, agonising moments, as the shock slowly sets in, the girl hiding beneath the beds doona begins to scream erratically. His eyes, slowly look up at her, as his mouth drops open, then, he collapses to the ground, stone cold dead. She fires another shot, it rips into the doona, and the girl hiding underneath it lets out one last wretched scream, then, falls silent, as a large, red stain, begins to grow quickly withing the doona and across the sheet. Seconds pass, while she stands there, admiring her handiwork, then, the door bursts open and he runs into the house, sweat dripping from him, his heart racing a million miles an hour, his eyes, desperately searching the hallway, but, as soon as he sees her, and the smoking rifle in her hands, he knows, he’s too late.

“What did you do?” He yells as he runs towards her, she swings the rifle his way, and he throws his hands up in the air, but, quickly drops them again, knowing, they’d do little to shield him if she’d fired. “M-M-Mother, what the fuck did you do?”

“Don’t you dare talk to me like that! I did what that lying sack of shit deserved, what all pieces of shit like him deserve,” she says, spitting a mouthful of yellowish saliva onto the floor. “I sent him and the whore he was fucking to be judged by their maker.”

“Fuck Mother! Have you lost it? What the fucking hell were you thinking? Couldn’t you just leave him?”

Her lip trembles, and her grip on the rifle tightens, “We had a prenup, I’d get nothing if I walked away,. And his new floozy, she’d end up with everything, and I couldn’t let that happen, not after all these years, not after everything I went through, I wasn’t going to lose it, not without a fight!”

“Don’t you see, don’t you realise, you’ll lose it all, you’ll get nothing, and you’ll end up going to prison, for what?”

“For everything, we’ll make it look like a home invasion, all you need to do is be my alibi, and we’ll share in all of it, together!” She says.

“You’re crazy Mother, it’s over, you’re done, I’m calling the police and nothing you can say will stop me, I won’t be a part of this, I won’t be part of your plans!”

“Don’t be a fool Jeremiah, we can salvage this, all of it. Just remember what I taught you?”

“What you taught me? When did you teach me anything, Mother? All you ever wanted was Daddies millions, and that’s never going to happen now, so, put down the gun, and go!”

She lowers the rifle, slowly, as a tear runs down her cheek, “I-I-I, I knew you’d say that,” she says softly, before raising the rifle again, and firing.

Millions is today’s Daily Prompt.

You can read the original 50 Word Story HERE.

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