Lies Of A Broken World – Chapter Six – Act II

“Tell me you’ve got something?” Gary says as he walks into the labs department of District-Three.

“I’ve got a couple of things,” Jones says. “The card you recovered from Anna Withers gave us two massive pieces of the puzzle, firstly we recovered a partial print from the card that is not Miss Withers’, I’m running it through every database we have access to, so far we’ve got thirty-five partial matches, so we’re just reconfiguring the search to see if we can bring the list down to a manageable number. Secondly, the card contained the usual chemicals all the other cards have, but we found a small amount of MDR-Thirty-Seven on this one.”

“You’re fucking kidding me? MDR-Thirty-Seven’s a weapon grade chemical, why the fuck haven’t we picked this up earlier?”

“I tell you why, the chemicals when combined create a sort of nuclear cocktail, the MDR-Thirty-Seven is the first chemical to be absorbed into the skin, then the others. So it stands to reason that we would not pick it up as we’ve been testing the blood for chemicals, but because this is absorbed into the skin and spreads throughout the flesh, it doesn’t show up on blood tests,” Jones says. “With that in mind I went back and ran a check on all the other bodies, and they all came back positive. In fact, Mores readings were off the charts, as was Gillings, the woman whose head you caved in earlier this morning.”

“Anna referred to this Doctor Hide as a him, so we know our suspect is male, she said he was persuasive and that his words touched her deeply, could there be some connection to this and the chemicals on the card as well?”

“I’ve been thinking about that since you mentioned it earlier, three of the twelve drugs in the cocktail have been used in the past to assist with hypnotherapy treatment, regressing patients back to distressing or traumatic events, in a way to try and help them move past it. Maybe he’s using the drugs to assist him in maintaining some sort of control over the victims through subliminal messages he gives them when they touch the card and take a hit of the cocktail?”

“How the fuck would he be doing that?”

“Any number of ways, voice manipulation would be the most obvious way, two of the chemicals used in the cocktail alter the inner ears equilibrium,” Jones replies. “He would possibly be using some sort of synthesiser that would be altering his voice to such a level his words would be coming through your brain like you were the one thinking it rather than hearing it.”

“What can we do to combat any of this?”

“So far we know that prolonged exposure leads to terminal meltdown, but as we found out with our infected lab tech, Simmons, if we can get to the effected person sooner, rather than later, we can in a way control the chemicals effects on the body and in fact reverse those effects. Plus I also have a theory that if I work with the sirum that we’ve used on Simmons we might even be able to possibly work on some sort of vaccine, it would be just getting the dosage of the initial cocktail correct so we can counter balance it. But it would have to be something that could be administered every few hours or so as the body reguarly cleans itself of toxins, and there’s always a slight chance a vaccine could cause other issues as well.”

“How long would it take for you to come up with this vaccine?”

“A few hours maybe, we already have a good working base.”

“As soon as you have something let me know,” Gary says. “Can I have the list of the potential suspects and a copy of the partial? I’ll pass it on to a few outside sources to see if they can help bring the list down.”

“I’ll pass the information to your case file,” Jones replies. “If we get anything workable with this vaccine, I’ll contact you straight away.”




Deep below in the depths of downtown, where the old city meets the new, as the past and the present clash in a blend of what has been and what is, reveals another horror that has been in existence for countless years, The Arena. Rumours have floated around about the underground fighting syndicate that moves throughout the underbelly of the city, never staying too long in one place and never being found, making it a myth more than a reality for many of the city’s residents, if they only knew that this myth was true, would they be more careful where they venture?

The man hits the ground with a thud, his face busted open, slowly he tries to get to his feet but only manages to get to his knees, the crowd cheers with excitement as he is dealt a powerful right to the head that sends him crashing to the ground again, he convulses for a few moments and then goes silent and still, the crowd gets louder as Roland Biggs celebrates another win in his arena.

“Another challenger lays defeated at the feet of our champion Roland Biggs, with this victory Roland now stands at an outstanding one thousand and three wins and zero losses, who out there dares take the challenge, who thinks they can take the prize and defeat the undefeatable, is it you and more importantly will you have the choice to refuse?” a voice says over the PA system.

“NO!” the crowd screams back as the body of the man is dragged out of the arena.




Gary’s phone rings and he quickly answers it, Andrew Fontaine appears on the other end.

“I got a hit on one of your boys.”

“You’re fucking kidding me?” Gary says. “We’ve only managed to bring the list down to 20 how the fuck can you have it down to one?”

“I’ve got sources you guys don’t have.”

“Ghost, I presume?”

“If you need something deep and dark on someone, and if it exists, Ghost will find it.”

“So, who are we looking at?”

“Nathaniel Masters.”

“Masters? He was removed from our list,” Gary says as he pulls his files up. “He didn’t fit any of the criteria matches we were after, no history in chemistry and from what his files say he’s been in New London for the past three years.”

“No fucking way has he ever been in New London, the fucker has never left Delta City,” Fontaine says. “I can also tell you he’s got shitloads of experience in chemistry as well. For fifteen years he was a geochemist team leader at Tiracom, his department was primarily concerned with testing and developing a large array of drugs to be utilised in mind reconditioning. But to answer why he was removed from your list would be because someone within Divisional wants him left off the list, I’ll point the finger at Franklin Rodgers, there was a lot of contact between the two eight months ago and last month a shit load of credits moved into his account, coincidently the same day all of the Districts files on Masters disappeared from the system, of course, nothing is really ever gone when The Ghost gets involved.”

“Can you send me all the data you have?”

“I’ll drop it in your box, along with known locations where Masters could be.”

“You just saved us a large fucking waste of time.”

“Always here to help, you need an extra body?”

“No, we’ve got it covered, I’ll talk soon,” Gary says as he hangs up and turns to Davey, who obviously overheard the whole conversation, no words are said between the two as they head out of the office and jump into their cruiser.

“You’re sure we keep it between us?”

“You heard Fontaine, this guy has Divisional protecting him, and Rodgers would’ve never worked alone. He is a subpar Detective, a pretty boy sucking and fucking the bigger fish to keep afloat. If we want a chance to stop him it’s now, and Jones seemed pretty happy with the results from his tests for the vaccine, and we’ve got a good few hours before this dosage runs through our systems, so I say we just run with it while we have a chance without involving anyone else.”

“You make way too much sense sometimes, it scares me.”

“Shut the fuck up and tell me where we’re going first?”




Day 80 – Stale Mate – Short Story

“So, which finger should I take off first?” he asks as he runs the blade across her broken, bloody hand, she looks up at him with spite in her eyes and spits a wad of saliva and blood into his face.

“Fuck you!” She screams, he laughs as he wipes it away with his hand.

“Come now Sonia, we’ve already been there, and if I remember rightly, you quite enjoyed it, I think you actually said I was the best you had.”

“That’s before I realised you were a piece of shit, and all girls lie, it keeps you boys happy, had I known you were as fucked up in the head as you are I would have told you the truth, that you’ve got a tiny dick and you have no idea how to turn on a woman,” she says as she tries to twist her way out of the bindings that hold her to the chair, but she has no success and in the end screams at him like a uncontrollable child, and all he does is laugh.

“Please, don’t hurt yourself, that is my domain,” he says as he drives a solid right hook across her face and she slips to the side, unconscious. He spins around, and looks towards the ceiling and nods his head in understanding, as if someone has just spoken to him. “It will be done, she will not escape, she will be one with you soon.” He turns back to her and smiles as he brushes the hair from her face and licks the blood from her cheek, her eyes shoot open and she drives a devastating head-butt to his face, smashing open his nose, and he tumbles backwards, crashing to the floor. She frantically wriggles and twists and turns, thumping the chair into the ground, using all her weight, until finally, one of the legs shatter away and she goes crashing to the floor on her side, still bound to the chair. She lies there for a few moments, dazed, before she realises that he’s begun to stir, and she struggles to get to her feet, but the chair restricts most of her movement, but finally, she manages to get to her knees, as he, slowly pulls himself to his feet. She digs deep within herself, for energy she does not have, and forcers herself up, letting out a groan of pain and then like a bull, charges at him, the two crash into each other and the chair shatters into pieces as she crashes into the floor, and she frantically get to her feet.

“You fucking bitch!” he screams as he grips the blade tightly and uses the wall to pull himself up. “You fucking little self-absorbed bitch, you think you’re going to stop me? You think you’re going to escape his clutches?” he yells. She strikes him across the head with one of the broken legs of the chair and he crashes back into the wall, she strikes him again, and again, and again until his head is a bloody, mushy, grotesque version of what it was, and she spits on him.

“Fucking dirt bag, who’s the bitch now?”

Suddenly, from behind her, the sound of someone clapping their hands in celebration begins, she spins around to face three men, all dressed in suits, she throws the leg of the chair at the middle ones feet. He looks down, as some blood flicks onto his shoes, and he looks back up at her.

“Don’t blame me, you locked me in here with the piece of shit,” she says calmly.

“Miss Avadon, you were told to engage with the suspect, not allow yourself to become a prisoner of his, this is most disappointing.”

“Well, disappoint this,” she says as she drives a hard right to the man’s head, knocking him to the ground, the other two pull the revolvers and quickly train them on her.

“Don’t” he yells as she rubs his jaw. “She is allowed that one,” he says as he gets to his feet and straightens his tie. “The next time you try something like that…” in a flash she is on him, quickly driving well placed kicks to the other two and finishing up with a blade at his neck.

“The next time I try something like that, you will not be so luck,” she says as she shoves him away and drops the blade as she walks out of the room and down the corridor, he straightens his tie again and smiles.

“She’s ready.”



Day 79 – Knight Life – Short Story

“To the eater of souls I send you!” She screams as she drives the sword deep into the Kings chest, and spins quickly around, pulling the sword free and waving it at the oncoming knights.

“Vile wench, I will have your head!” One of the knights yells as he charges at her, his sword drawn high into the air, he swings it powerfully towards her, but she out manoeuvres his attack and drives her sword up between the joints of his armour and digs it into his side, he screams in pain and crashes to the ground as she quickly arms herself with his dropped sword and swings it toward the other knights who stand a few feet away.

“Come you cowards, are you afraid of woman?” She screams as she waves the swords towards then.

“You are not a woman,” he says weakly from her side, as he cough up blood. “You are a vile demon, sent from the witch’s realm to lay siege to our kingdom, but you will not su-su-succeed, we will vanquish…..” and he slumps forward and she looks back at the other knights.

“Is that what you all think? You all truly think I am but a weapon of the witch?”

“Don’t try and bedazzle us with your words, we know what you are!” one of the knights yells.

“You’re all fools, don’t you see it, the king was a slave to the witches calls, he was bedding her nightly while you all rode off and risked your lives for him, under the same roof as I sleep, in the very bed I conceived our children, your king, my husband, was screwing the evil that has taken so many of your brothers from you. What I did today, was only the beginning, together, let us bring on the ending,” she yells proudly, the knights dart each other looks, until one of them speaks.

“Lies, all lies, you’re trying to deceive us woman,” the knight yells as he charges towards he, suddenly a bow strikes him through the skull and his body crashes to the ground, the other knights turn to face the legendary red knight, who stands at the entrance of the throne room.

“She speaks the truth, for I have seen it, I have witnessed your kings sins and he was guilty of nothing but death,” the knight says. The other knights all fall quickly to their knees, resting their heads on the hilt of their swords. He waves his hands, “Do not bow before me, I am not your kin or your king.”

“Then who shall we follow? Who shall lead us into victory against the witch? If no one takes his place then we have no chance, the people will desert us without someone to rule over them and with that, the witch will win.”

“You already have a leader, you already have a queen, let her show you the way you must go,” he says as he points towards her, she takes a step back as they turn to her, and share quick glances between each other before they all knee before her.

“We pledge ourselves to you, our queen and we swear, we will die protecting you are your people,” they say in unison.

“Rise, my knights of Gwendoor, for I need not you be my servants, but my comrades at arms, for I will not sit while you risk your lives for this kingdom, tonight we ride, and we kill the witch and drive her kind out of our valley and into extinction!” she screams, the knights raise their swords in unison.

“Long live the queen, long live the queen, long live the queen!”

She sits there staring at the images inside the cauldron and begins to laugh, “Yes long live the queen indeed, I’ll be waiting, sister.”



Day 78 – Take Me Home – Short Story

“Take me home, please?” She says, he slams his hands on the steering wheel and stares forward, looking out over the lake and takes a deep breath.

“Was it something I said? I thought we were having a good time?”

“We were, are, it’s just getting late, and Dad was precise about the time, no later than midnight,” she says as she bites into her lower lip.

He looks at his watch, eleven fifty-two, and lets out a sigh of frustration before leaning back in his seat, and flashes her a wicked smile.

“What about a quick blow job?” he says as he places a hand on his groin.

“Bobby, I don’t think so, we better get back,” she says as she grabs her seat belt and locks it in.

“Come on Lori, just a quick one, I think I deserve it.”


“After tonight, putting up with that lame arse movie, I think I deserve something for that.”

“You said you liked it?” she says as she tries to smile as he places a hand on her neck and strokes the side of her face.

“Lori, honey, we’ve been dating for two weeks now and you haven’t even kissed me on the lips, don’t you think it’s about time we took it to the next level, don’t you think it’s about time you paid a bit of attention to me?”

“Bobby, please, I’m not ready, not yet, we talked about this, you know what happened to me when I was ten, it’s, it’s just, I can’t, please take me home Bobby, please.”

“Look Lori, I understand, I really do, I know what you went though and no kid should go through that, but I’ve got needs, and they need to be satisfied, just touch it,” he says as he grabs her hand and places it on his groin, she can feel the hardness of his penis and he lets out a deep, long breath.

“Bobby, please, no,” she says.

“It’s okay Lori, I love you, it’s all good,” he says as he undoes his fly and slides her hand inside, she can feel the warmth of his member, as a tear runs down her face, he wipes it away and smiles at her. “I love you baby,” he says as he forces her hand to grip it and then he beings to slowly move himself back and forth. “Squeeze it,” he says, tightening his grip on her wrist, she obeys his orders as and he quickly begins to pick up speed, then suddenly stops and pulls her hand free, along with his penis and grabs her by the back of the head and forces her down. “Suck it honey, just a little, I won’t take long, I promise” he moans, and lets out a gasp as he feels her warm mouth devour him,  and then pain, unrelenting, agonising pain as she bites through his skin and into the soft flesh of his penis, he screams in terror and tries to pull her away but she doesn’t release her grip, he drives an elbow down on top of her head but it only causes her to bite down deeper and he screams out again, and then she rips back and sits up opposite him, blood running down her face and spits his now severed member out of her mouth and into his lap, he tries to say something, but no words escape his mouth and she smiles.

“Did that do it for you?” she asks as she wipes the blood from her jaw and sucks it from her fingers, as the clock ticks over to midnight.



Lies Of A Broken World – Chapter Six – Act I

Gary slams a fist into the wall and lets out a cry of frustration, sprawled out on the ground before him lays the body of a woman, a greenish ooze flows from what is left of her head.

“Are you okay?” Davey asks nursing a dislocated shoulder, his face bruised and bloody.

“I’d be a lot fucking better if we could find this bastard, all we’ve got out of this is the same fucking scenario and no leads except the fucking card we keep finding on the victims and proxamine-twelve,” Gary says as he hobbles towards the doorway, sirens can be heard closing in towards them. “We’ve got bodies building up, people wiping out their families and anyone else they’ve ever associated with and all we can do is sit on our arse and react after the scenario restarts. We need to get in at the beginning, before our victim changes, then maybe we would have a chance at stopping this fuck.”

“How the fuck are we supposed to do that?” Davey says as cruisers pull up in front of them as well as several mediVan’s and, of course, the media not far behind. Gary looks at Davey who reads his mind immediately, “Don’t!”

“Use the leeches, make them do the work for you,” Gary says as he storms off, past the incoming officers and paramedics and straight towards Mandy Holmes, who is in the process of setting up for her report. “Mandy, do you want the interview of your career?” He calls out.

“Are you fucking serious?”

“Roll your cameras now, because I’m about to make your day.”

Mandy quickly instructs her cameraman to begin recording, “This is Mandy Holmes live from the latest….” Gary pushes her to the side and stares down the barrel of the camera.

“My name is Detective Inspector Gary Jackson, from District-Three, tonight we, I, need your help to stop this shit. I’m going to put it as basic as I can so you will all understand. If you, or anyone you know is approached by someone offering a job and the chance to live out all your dreams, I urge you to contact Delta District-Three straight away,” Gary says. “At this very moment, out there in the city, there’s a creature preying on the lost and unfulfilled citizens of Delta City. This thing is out there offering people the world for a price, and the price as we have found out is their sanity. So far we know a drug is triggering these psychotic breaks and it is somehow administered initially through a card that looks on the surface like a normal business card, but this card is lethal. I urge anyone who comes across one of these card to avoid touching it if you can and contact us immediately. Over the course of our investigation we’ve already lost one of our forensic investigators to the effects of this card, and it’s not pretty. This person, and I use the word person loosely, has already infected nine victims with this designer drug, and these nine victims have killed to date, one hundred and twenty-five innocent people in total, people who love them, people who were their flesh and blood, their family. I urge you to make contact before it’s too late, don’t let this piece of shit destroy your life and the lives of your loved ones as well.”

With that Gary walks back to awaiting paramedics. Mandy turns back to the camera, and for a few moments says nothing as she tries to collect her thoughts.

“You heard it here first, Delta District-Three is reaching out to you the viewer to help bring this latest threat to an end, once we have more you will hear it here first, back to you Tom.”




Gary and Davey walk into District-Three’s offices to a standing ovation, “For fuck sake, cut it out,” Gary says, the next person he lays eyes on is Superintendent Stapleton.

“You two, get the fuck in my office now!” Gary and Davey follow him into his office and quickly close the door. “Would one of you please for the love of fucking god explain to me which one of you idiots had the stupid idea of passing on information to the press about your current fucking case? And yes it is a trick fucking question.”

“Davey had no idea what I was doing sir, it was all me.”

“That’s not true sir, I knew what he was doing, and I agreed with it.”

“For fuck sake, do you know how much damage you’ve caused? Commissioner Gleeson called me personally and told me to pull my men in line or he will find someone who will,” Stapleton says. “I’m not going to let two fucking cowboys derail my career, so next time you get a stupid fucking idea like that Jackson, you treat it as such and ignore it.”

“Of course sir, I’ll make sure any stupid ideas in the future are ignored.”

“Don’t be a smart arse, just get this god damned case solved and do what the city pays you to do instead of making me look like a fucking dick. Now get out of here before I lose my shit any more than I already have!” They make their way out of the office and to their desks, where a young girl waits.

“Can I help you?” Gary asks.

“I saw you on the news,” she says as she scratches her arm nervously.

“A lot of people did, we’ve received thousands of phone calls so far. If there’s anything you feel you need to pass on to us about the case, you can give your information at the front desk.”

“I’ve seen him, the guy you’re after, he calls himself Doctor Hide.”

“Doctor Hide?”

“That’s what he calls himself, he approached me last night and gave me a big speech about helping me free myself from my weights and giving me a new future, he was really fucking persuasive, I mean really persuasive.”

“Did he give you a card?”

“I brought it in,” she says as she places a card on Gary’s desk.

“Davey, get Jones up here now!” Gary says and turns his attention back to the girl, blood runs down her arm, as she tears at the open wound. “Go easy there Miss,” He says as he grabs a tissue from the desk and hands it to her, she presses it against her arm.

“It’s intoxicating, the feel of it all you know, I just want to kill everyone, free myself, his words really touched me,” she says looking at the card the entire time, her hand slowly reaches for the card, but Gary grabs her arm tightly.

“I think you should leave the card there,” he says, she forces her hand free and grabs the card.

“Don’t you tell me what to do, I’m sick of everyone telling me what to do!” She yells, the look in her eyes is of pure hate, a look Gary has become used to over the last week.

“It’s okay, you hold on to it, but why don’t you sit down while we get someone to take down your details and I’ll have a doc take a look at your arm, it seems like a nasty laceration,” she slowly takes a seat, her eyes transfixed on Gary, burning his flesh almost.

“I saw you on the news, I saw you trying to take my dream away, and I knew I had to kill you as well as everyone else,” she says as she pulls a blade and dives at Gary, two shots rip into the side of her head and sends her lifeless body crashing to the ground, Davey stands a few feet away, his blaster still trained on the girl.

“You okay?”

“I had it under control.”

“It sure looked like you did,” Davey says as he lowers his blaster.




Day 77 – Suck It Up – Short Story

He nervously looks around the corner, clutching the revolver in his hand, he squints his eyes as a droplets of sweat sears into them like a hot poker and he pushes himself back against the wall and takes a deep breath, tightening his grip on the gun.

“I know you’re there Fillmore,” a voice yells out. “Hiding in the shadows isn’t going to do you any good, you might as well show yourself,” he feels his stomach turn and then two shots rip into the other side of the wall he stands against. “Don’t make this any worse, be a man and talk to me like the brother I am, instead of treating me as the enemy!”

He laughs, “Brothers? Are you seriously going to try that card now Andy? I tried talking to you, but you just treated me like I was nothing, like my opinion didn’t matter, you just listened to that bitch, why? Because she sucked your cock and made out she enjoyed it!” Another two shots rip into the wall.

“Fuck you, we would be rolling in the cash right now if it wasn’t for you, Heather did nothing wrong, fuck she stood up for you, and now you’re trying to blame her for this mess, what the fuck happened to you?”

“I grew a fucking conscience, what happened to you?” He yells out.

Andy laughs this time, “Is this what you call growing a conscience? You fucking betrayed me, your own flesh and blood, everything we worked so hard to build you ripped down in a single hour, you didn’t grow a conscience, you threw a tantrum, like a child.”

“Fuck you!” Fillmore says as he steps from behind the wall and stares viciously towards his brother. “You never could understand, you never wanted to, you just played into that bitches hands like a puppy after attention, I tried fixing it, I didn’t bring anything down, I saved it, I saved it all.” He yells as he fires two shots from the revolver at his brother, both hitting him, one, rips into his stomach and the other, tears a hole in his left leg, sending Andy crashing to the floor.

“You fucking shot me!” He yells, “I can’t believe you fucking shot me!”

“You were ready to do the same to me a few seconds ago!” Fillmore says as he walks towards his brother, his gun still trained on him. “You made this, not me.”

“Fuck you, grow some responsibility and start owning what you do,” Andy says as he spits a wad of blood out, onto the ground.

“FUCK YOU!” Fillmore says as he digs the gun into Andy’s head, his finger slowly squeezing back on the trigger.

“So, this is it, you’re going to kill me over a fucking piece of tail? Is some two bit whore really worth everything?”

“You think this is how I want things to end between us, we’ve been close our whole lives, we’ve been through everything together, whores included, but as soon as you slipped into bed with those ice heads, you changed, you became scum, we became scum, and that, that’s something I couldn’t sit back and watch, not after Gideon’s overdose,” he says as tears beginning to run down his face.

Andy beings to laugh again, “This is what it’s all about, you actually fancied him, didn’t you, were you lovers, did he cup your balls while he sucke…..” he doesn’t get a chance to finish as Fillmore fires two shots into his head, removing half of it in the process, Andy’s lifeless, bloody, corpse collapses to the ground and Fillmore stares at the blood, as it continues to grow, he stands there for some time, as the puddle of blood stops growing and begins to coagulate, he feels her presence before he sees it and spins around, gun in the air, aimed towards her.

She stands there and claps, a smile broadly on her face, “Well, not the brother I was hoping would win, but none the less, to the victor goes the fruit.”

“Fuck you Jane, tell me why I don’t empty what’s left in this clip in your head?”

“Please Fillmore, you know how unwise that would be, we three had a deal, one where I held up my side of the bargain, you do not get to call it quits until I decide so. And do you really want to anger me, especially when I can give you what your heart desires,” she says as from out of the darkness of the room, Gideon appears, a smile upon his face, and Fillmore feels the tears run down his face.

“Don’t cry, everything’s going to be ok now, I’m here,” Gideon says as he walks towards him.

“I know,” Fillmore says as he quickly puts the gun to his head and fires, he stands there, staring, as Gideon dissolves into nothing but ash, he frantically looks at her, and she smiles, that evil, fucking grin.

“It’s not that easy, lover, deals singed in blood, last, so suck it up sunshine, your mine.”



Day 76 – Feed – YouChallenge Short Story

He raises the fork up to his mouth and his face twists, as he looks at the strange, bluish meat that hangs off it, he feels her eyes staring at him and he looks towards her and he feels the sweat run down his face.

“Stop staring,” he says as he lowers the fork and his brow furrows with frustration.

“What? I’m not staring, I was just casually looking your way,” she says with a smile.

“Don’t be a smart arse,” he says as he stuffs the fork into his mouth and begins to chew, his face shows so many different emotions as his taste buds react brutally, he chews for a few more minutes before he finally swallows, almost choking as he does, he quickly grabs the glass of water and empties the contents down his throat, she lets out a small giggle.

“God Sam, are you okay?” She asks.

“Don’t laugh, there’s nothing funny about it.”

“Come on, honestly you should see your face.”

“Well you try it,” he says as he quickly cuts another piece off and holds the fork out towards her, she looks at the meat and her face turns white, and her eyes widen.

“You ordered it, not me,” she says as she pushes the fork away.

“Well, don’t laugh then,” he says as he looks down at the piece of meat and swallows a large gulp of air before he forces it into his mouth and chews again.

“If you don’t like it, don’t eat it,” she says sternly.

“I’m not going to waste it, d-d-do you know how much it cost?” He says as he forces the mouthful down.

“Surly it can’t taste that bad?”

“It just tastes funny, wrong, I mean, isn’t supposed to taste like chicken, because this taste like a chicken shit.”

“Excuse me sir, is there s problem?” The waiter asks as he comes over to the table.

“Yes, my friend is not enjoying his meal,” she says, and he gives her a stern look before looking up at the waiter, and smiles awkwardly.

“It just tastes a little strange is all.”

“Is this your first time?”

“Yes, yes it is, but that should not be an issue, food is either what it’s advertised to be or its not, and this? Whatever it is supposed to be, is atrocious, I don’t think anyone would eat this poorly cooked garbage.”

“I can assure you sir, Chef Anton, is acclaimed in culinary circles, his dishes are, literally to die for, but he also welcomes feedback, so if you wish to pass on your issues with the dish to Chef Anton herself, I am sure he would be happy to discuss them with you.”

He looks across the table and she shrugs her shoulders and he looks back at the waiter, “Why the hell not, sounds like he needs s bit of reality in his face,” he says as he gets up from his seat and winks at the girl.

“Of course sir, this way,” the waiter says as he leads him out into the kitchen. “Chef Anton, I have a customer who wishes to discuss their disappointment with you.”

“I am always happy to listen to what my public have to say,” Chef Anton says and he walks over to the two of them, with a beaming smile on his face. “My friend, tell me, what dish did not satisfy your pallet tonight?” He says as he clutches Sam’s hand and shakes it variously.

“The rump, and it was terrible, whatever you used obviously was spoiled or something worse.”

“Please, come out the back I’ll show you how fresh my product is, please this way,” Chef Anton says, leading Sam out into a large freezer where three naked bodies hang from meat hooks, some missing body parts and pieces of flesh. “As you can see these products are fresh, today, clean and free of disease, we have stringent standards I vigorously uphold. I think maybe you just don’t enjoy finely cooked Homo Saipan cuisine,” he says as the waiter brings a cleaver down into Sam’s head. “But I’m sure you’ll cook up a treat, François tell Miss Donovan she has kept her gold star discount,” he says as he begins striping Sam of his clothing.



The challenge was, ‘this food tastes funny.’

Day 75 – Not Really – Short Story

They both collapse in a heap onto the bed, their hearts beating frantically, sweat running down both their bodies, she looks over at him and slaps him in the face with a giggle.

“What the fuck?”

“I said not that hole!” She says with a laugh.

“You also said don’t cum inside me because I haven’t taken the pill for the last two days,” he says quickly. “So I impulsive,” he says with a smile.

“I thought you were just going to pull out and you know, jerk it the last few, not just move holes.”

“Sorry,” he says as he quickly climbs out of the bed.

“Where are you going in such a hurry, I didn’t say I never liked it?”

“I know, but I’m busting for a piss,” he says as he quickly climbs into his trousers and runs out of her dorm room, and into the hallway, he looks back at her and she gives him a wink.

“The left, it’s down on the left,” she says with a giggle, he blushes and nods his head and quickly makes his way down the hallway until he comes across a door marked with a female silhouette, he rushes in quickly runs into one of the cubical and locks the door behind him and rips his pants down and sits, letting out an enormous fart in the process, and he hears someone giggle, he swallows a mouthful of dryness and lets out another, and the giggling continues.

“You shouldn’t push too hard,” a girl’s voice says from a few cubicles over, he remains silent, as he’s well-aware that no boys are allowed in the dorms after ten pm, and it’s well past that now.

“You’re not a talker?” the woman says.

“Not really,” he says in his most female voice he can.

She laughs again, and using a deep voice says, “Not Really,” and he can’t help but laugh.

“You know you’re not supposed to be here?” she says

“We got carried away,” he says as he lets out a sigh of relief as his bladder finally empties itself.

“Who’s your woman?” she asks.

“Sandra Potter,” he says.

“Ah, so you’re Halex?” she says

“It’s just Alex,” he replies with a laugh. “And you’re?”


“So, you spend a lot of your time being creepy in the toilets?”

“Some of it, when I’m not haunting the library or teachers’ lounge.” He drops his head between his shoulders and lets out a deep breath of air.

“You’re a teacher?”
“Don’t worry handsome, I’m not going to tell anyone, we’ve all been kids, been in love, done stupid stuff, broken the rules, its life.”

“Wow, a totally understanding teacher, are you like a temp here?”

She laughs, “I never said I was a teacher, you said that, I just said I’m not going to tell anyone,” she says, as he hears her high-heeled footsteps walk to the door of his cubical.

“Well, goodnight,” he says nervously, as he can see the tips of her shoes standing in front of his door.

“Oh Alex, it’s not good night yet,” she says as her head passes through the door like it was water and he screams at the sight of her razor sharp teeth, her bloodshot eyes and her skin pale which is covered in blistered pockets of flesh, that ooze out a yellow, greenish puss. “I haven’t had my share of you, yet!” she screams as she attacks, blood violently splatters along the floor and onto the walls of the cubical, as Sandra and another two girls stand watching in the doorway, smiling.



Day 74 – Saturation Baby – Short Story

“I don’t know, it looks a little too over done,” he says as he steps back and looks at the wall.

“You’re so wrong dude, it looks awesome, when they get here tomorrow they are going to spin out, this has got to be our best one yet!” Jerome says as he slaps Mike on the back.

“You think they’ll appreciate the message or do you think it’s going to be lost?”

Jerome laughs, “Man the message is going to be so lost on them they’ll just be pissed, that’s why we did it. But it’s going to be speaking to everyone else, the images man, they define what it’s all about, the struggle to be at one with yourself but at the same time fighting to fit into a world that won’t accept you for how you are, fucking shit, it’s perfect dude.”

Mike smiles and throws the final can into the knapsack and hooks it over his shoulder, “You think so?”

“Fucking hell I do, now let’s get the fuck out of here before somebody sees us and decides to call the cops.”

“It’s quite a piece,” a voice says from behind them, they both quickly turn to face a man, in his mid to late fifties, dressed all in black, and wearing a shining, white collar.

“Fuck,” Jerome hisses.

“Don’t be afraid Jerome, I’m not here to punish you or Mike for this piece of artwork, I’m here to admire it,” the priest says.

“How the hell do you know our names?” Jerome asks nervously.

“A lucky guess?” he says with a smile. “Not buying it? Let’s just say, I’m a fan of your work, especially yours Michael, do you mind if I call you that, or do you prefer Mike?”

“Michael’s fine,” he says as he looks at Jerome who just shrugs his shoulder and they both look back at the man. “Who are you?”

“Who do I look like?”

“You look like a priest.”

“Well then, I’m a priest,” he says with a smile.

“You high on something?” Jerome asks, the priest looks at him, and laughs.

“No Jerome, I am not on anything, nor am I sick in the head, I am but a simple priest, admiring you wonderful depiction of the last days of Christ, although, I must confess, I didn’t think Jesus and his disciples were that close, not all of them anyway.”

“It’s a message, and messages need to be strong,” Jerome says fiercely, the priest looks at him calmly and smiles again.

“Not everything you do needs to volatile, aggressive and shocking, some people, good people, who are not what you would call zealots, but true believes in the words that were written, they would see the true message, if you lost say, this part and that,” he says as he waves his hand, and pieces of the mural change, Jerome and Mike stagger back in shock and stare at disbelief at the man.

“What the fuck are you?”
“I thought we already worked out, I am a simple priest,” he says confidently.

“Bullshit, no simple priest can do that sort of shit,” Jerome says quickly

“Okay, maybe I’m not just a simple priest, maybe I’m someone who believes in the message you want the world to see, to make them understand that the words they read they misunderstand, you humans have a way of twisting things your way and not in the way it was intended to be, and that’s why, I thought I would come down and help you get it right.”

“Come down?”

He smiles again and then in a ball of white light is gone and shoots up into the clouds, leaving Jerome and Mike, starring at each other with open mouths.

“That did not just happen,” Jerome says as they turn back at the mural.









Lies Of A Broken World – Chapter Five – Act IV

Gary enters ‘Dave’s Wonderland Holosuite’ and walks up to the counter where a young girl is standing, she greets him with a smile.

“Hi, is there anything I can help you with?” she asks.

“Yeah I hope so, I’m Detective Inspector Gary Jackson with District-Three,” Gary replies, showing his badge. “I was wondering if you can help me out with a problem I am having, I have these two holosim’s and was wondering if you worked last night or you can put me in touch with whoever did.”

“Normally we’re not allowed to give out information on any of our customers or fellow staff members, but I guess you would be an exception.”

“That would be great,” Gary replies as he looks out the window of the shop as a car smashes through it and into the shop, sending Gary crashing into the counter. He scrambles to his feet quickly a lets out a groan of frustration, he turns to the girl behind the counter. “Are you okay?”

“I think so,” she replies.

“Get out of here and keep on running,” Gary says as he pulls his blaster out of its holster.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you?” a voice says, Gary turns to see a man standing next to the wreckage of the car. “Sorry I’m late for my shift, I had things to do, people to kill, you know how it is,” Maddox says with a smile.

“I don’t give a fuck what you do right now as long as you don’t fucking move!”

“That’s not going to happen, you see, I want to destroy all I have, and if I do that, I can have all I want.”

“What the fuck are you talking about?”

“Overkill, you see, I could’ve quit here and just left my partner and started again, but where’s the fun in that? Overkill leaves no real messy holes from my past, all it does is tightly wrap up everything, so nothing can slip out and spoil my dreams.”

‘Is the world going fucking insane?’ Gary rushes towards Maddox with his blaster trained on him. “I have no time to fuck around, so why don’t you get on the fucking ground and make this easier on both of us,” Maddox launches himself at Gary, who quickly fires several shots into Maddox’s chest, but he keeps on coming.

This cannot be happening again?’ Gary takes the full brunt of Maddox attack, and it only takes several strikes for Maddox to send Gary’s bloody and beaten body to the floor.

“How pathetic,” Maddox says as Gary slips into unconsciousness. “Now about that resignation,” he says, turning his attention to the frightened attendant.




“You’re fucking kidding me? He skinned them while they were alive?” Davey says in shock.

“No doubt about it, they were definitely alive when they were skinned, I haven’t the faintest idea what he did with the skin, but the trauma produced shows they were alive and awake when it happened,” Danny replies.

“What the fuck could make someone do something like that?”

“I’m not finished, you haven’t heard the most disturbing part,” Danny says. “We’ve got positive identifications on both victims, the one on the right was his sister and the one on the left was his ex-wife.”

“Fuck me, this guy fucking skinned his own sister, I mean I can understand the ex-wife, but his sister?” Davey says. “I’ll contact Gary and let him know.”

“Detective Sergeant, we might need you out here?” an officer calls from the courtyard outside, Davey quickly heads out of the unit and towards where the officers are standing.

“Can we make this quick,” Davey says.

“That’s a negative sir, we followed your instructions and were trying to get a time frame of the suspect’s movements, and we found this,” the officer motions for Davey to follow him into a unit, Maddox Jensen’s unit.

“Oh for crying out loud, fuck me,” Davey says as he stands over the young girls remains.




Gary comes back to reality in pain and slowly gets to his feet, coughing violently until he spits out a large wad of blood on to the ground before him, “FUCK!” He wipes the remaining saliva from his mouth and quickly scans the remains of the destroyed store, and lets out a groan of disappointment when he spots the body of the young female attendant laying a few feet away from the door. He staggers over to her body and checks her pulse, it’s all but gone and she lets out a grimace of pain, he frantically searches the surrounding area for Maddox, but there is no sign of him anywhere.

“This is Jackson, I’m in need of assistance at my current location.”

“What is the nature of your situation detective inspector?”

“I have one casualty who requires urgent assistance, and get some bodies down here because I’ve got another nut job going ballistic like the one from last night at Park Side.”

“Understood, assistance is on its way to your location, hold tight.”

Gary runs his hands through her hair, “Don’t worry you’re going to make it.”

“You know she won’t live much longer, they will never make it in time so why lie to her?” a voice says from behind him, Gary swings around and pulls out his blaster repeatedly firing at Maddox’s head, all the shots hit their target but Maddox still stands, with a smile on his face.

Gary lowers his blaster and flicks the override switch, the few moments he needs for the blaster to get to maximum charge seem like forever, the similarities to the case from earlier are astounding, but he can’t help but think that there is more of a connection here than meets the eye, and he needs to survive this so he can get the chance to solve it all and put a stop to whatever or whoever is turning these ordinary innocent victims into killing machines.

“Why do all this, what is in it for you?” Gary asks.

“This is not like your typical movie, you are not Stacy Keach in Mike Hammer, and you will not walk away with the case solved and the girl in your bed. I’ll not tell you all my reasons while you try to think of a way to stop me. I’m simply going to send you to your death, knowing nothing more than you do now,” with that Maddox dives at Gary, with the grace of someone half his size Gary manoeuvre’s himself and Maddox into position and both crash to the ground, Gary’s blaster wedged deep within Maddox’s mouth, it’s then that the blaster shrieks with a warning as it announces its charge has passed safety levels and into the danger zone. Maddox’s smiles like a crazy man spurring Gary to pull the trigger.

“Let’s see if you’ve got a cast iron stomach,” Gary says as he pulls the trigger, and the violent blast thrusts itself into Maddox’s mouth, ripping his head apart. After a few moments of silence, Gary forces Maddox’s body off him and gets to his feet, but he falls straight back to his knees, his hand shattered and ripped to pieces from the blast, he stuffs it into his jacket and forces himself back up again. He can hear the sounds of sirens getting closer and he stumbles over to the girl’s now lifeless body and collapses by her side. He stares upward as he feels his heart beating hard in his chest, he hears Davey’s voice yelling his name just before the darkness takes him.




“How the fuck do you know my name?” The girl asks the large towering figure.

“That is of no importance Kylie, what is important is that I know you long for release, I know you feel your life is not your own. You’re living up to what your parents want you to be, what your lover needs you to be, when all you really want to be is free of all of these things and live your life to your own drum. I can offer you that freedom, I can give you that escape. And all you have to do is join my employment, and I promise that tomorrow will be the first day of your new life, and all those who are in your way will simply not exist,” Hide says.

“How do I know you’re not some weirdo looking to get into my pants?”

“My dear, that is far from my intention, please take my card and think about it, tomorrow we will talk, but be quick my dear the position is only open for a short time and I would hate for you to miss your chance” Hide says as he holds out his card, Kylie stands there for a few moments before she takes the card from him.