Day 89 – Caged Heat – Short Story

It was Tuesday, I think, I’m not really sure anymore, but let’s say it was Tuesday when she first showed up, looking like she had just walked out of a Victoria Secrets catalogue, all hot and tempting. I’ve never been one to back away from anything, and she, was not going to be the first, so I grabbed my lunch from the cafeteria and sat beside her, holding out my hand and introducing myself. She smiled and said her name was Jenny, with a little pushing I found out she had just moved here with her parents from the mainland, apparently her dad had taken a new job and forced the whole family to move down here with him, I could tell she wasn’t happy. She had to uproot her life in her final year of high school, leave all her friends and come here, to live, knowing no one. She wasn’t the nicest person I’d ever had the pleasure at meeting, sharp and rude, but not too rude, I mean, I got all that out of her in just one sitting. She was uppity though, I mean I couldn’t blame her, she was a fish out of water and apparently I was the first person besides the teachers who had even bothered to talk to her. I said it was because she was hot and a lot of people didn’t know how to act around hot people. I got a laugh, which I was proud of, she asked me my name again, which I proudly repeated and for the next twenty minutes we talked about a lot of stuff, mainly all the things she had given up to come here, I have to be honest, if she wasn’t so hot I would’ve gotten bored long before that, but there was something about the way her lips moved when she talked that really dragged me in. For the next few days we sat and had lunch with each other, and I found more and more things that annoyed me about her, but I was still captivated by her, it was her nice arse and perky tits, and those lips, I’m pretty sure that’s all it was. Then she sprung it on me, she asked if I wanted to come meet her parents tonight as they were having a small party with her father’s work, welcoming him to the business, and she really wanted company, and because I was her only friend, yup, she said friend, that I had to come. I let my dick do the deciding on this one, which was kind of stupid, but you don’t think about those sort of things until you have the chance to reflect. And that’s what I’m doing right now, reflecting, mainly because I’ve got nothing else to do. I hear someone come down the stairs, it’s her, I can tell by the way she’s sort of marching, but not at the same time, I can almost imagining those perky tits moving up and down along with each cheek of her arse, okay, I’ll admit, I’m smitten. She kneels down in front of the cage and smiles, and tells me it won’t be long, and she’s sure her parents and their friends are going to like me as much as she does. I don’t know what that means really, but the way she licked her lips made me cry a little, but the drugs she slipped me almost make it okay, almost.




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