Day 99 – Ghosts – Short Story

She looks over to Bennett, and grips his hand tightly, he squeezes back in return and forces a smile, but his eyes tell her a different tale, one filled with uncertainty. But she didn’t expect anything different from him, for the past two days all he’s done is try and talk her out of tonight’s venture, but she hasn’t budged, and to his credit, he kept his promise, and came along with her. She turns slowly towards an older gentleman who sits at the opposite end of the table and tightly grips hold of her other hand. His grey hair recedes as it gets closer to the crown of his skull, his jet black eyebrows hang over his eyes, which remain tightly closed, and the moustache of his goatee quivers due to his lips trembling as he mutters sentences under his breathe, she feels his grip slowly begin to tighten, and lets out a small grimace of pain. His eyes shoot open and the room’s temperature drops quickly, her eyes widen in disbelief as she can not only see her breath in front of her, but she can feel the thickness of it in her lungs each time she breathes in.

“They’re here,” Frasier says softly.

“I know, I can feel it,” she says, they lock eyes, and for the first time since she met this man, she can see fear in his eyes, for someone who seemed so nonchalant about the whole process some ten minutes ago, his tune seemed to have changed completely.

“They ask why y-y-you…..” Suddenly he is pulled up into the air by invisible arms and hangs like a puppet on strings, dangling there for a few moments before he jerkily moves around. “Why do you call us here? Why do you disturb our rest?” He says, his voice deep, gravelly, almost other worldly, if there is such a thing.

“I needed to talk to you all, I needed you to all understanding why I did what I did,” she says, he rushes towards her and stops centimeters from her face, his head cocks to the side and drool drips from his mouth.

“We have nothing to say to you, and we have no desire to hear what you have to say, so go child, go tell someone else of your sins, someone who cares for your soul, because once you leave this world, you are ours.”

“I’ve got to die first, and that’s something I’ll never do.”

“Time ends for everything, those who think they are forever, always end up facing their mortality. You’ll see in time wench, nothing lives forever, not even you.”

“I think, maybe, I’ll take that as a challenge and….” She stops midsentence as she feels the blade pierce her skin and dig into her back, she feels the cold steel slide towards her heart and cannot do anything to stop what will happen next, she feels his warm breath on her neck, and a tear fall on the bare skin of her shoulder.

“Everything has to die,” Bennett whispers into her ear as everything goes black.


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