Day 218 – Market – Short Story

“You seriously brought this piece of shit from there?” He says, holding up the unusual looking goblet, the rim of it cracked and chipped, the base, the same. “Fuck, it won’t even hold any liquid in it, how much did you pay?”

“Two hundred,” she says quickly.

He looks up at her, his eyes wide with disbelief, “You, are FUCKING kidding me? Two hundred FUCKING dollars? Are you INSANE?”

“Trevor, trust me, this goblet will change our lives,” she says, snatching it from him, and slowly, runs her fingers around a symbol on the goblets stem.

“How the fuck is a piece of fucking garbage like that, going to change our lives Sal, I really wanna know?”

“Don’t be a jerk about it, if you act like that, then, I won’t tell you,” she says sternly.

He places his hands up in front of him, “Okay honey, lets just both, take a moment, there’s no need to do this, okay, I’m sure, if we both just…”

“We both? Why do you keep saying we both? You’re the only one acting like an idiot here, not me, so if anyone needs to calm down it’s just you.”

“Alright, alright, maybe you’re right, maybe we both need to take a moment, find our centre, and talk this out like the adults we are,” he says.

“What? Are you even taking any notice of me?”

“Of course honey, we both are, let’s take that moment, let’s sit down, and breathe it out.”

“Oh for fuck sake Trevor, if you’re not going to be mature about this, well, then you can get fucked,” she yells, throwing the goblet at him, and storms out of the room.

“HONEY! COME BACK! HONEY! I’M SORRY! HONEY?” He yells, with a grin on his face, but she doesn’t come back, and a few moments later he hears her car pull out of the drive way, then takes off down the street. He steps forward, and feels it tear into his bare foot, letting out a grimace of pain, he looks down at the goblet’s remains, when she threw it, it’d ricocheted off him and hit the floor, shattering into a few dozen pieces, and, as he pulls the shard out of his foot, his mouth drops open, as it begins to piece itself back together again.



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