Daily Grind – It’s Getting Personal

He mocks me the bastard, trying to twist my pain, making light of my darkness, my falling. It arrived in my inbox this morning, the email address, fake, non-existent.

Gareth, why?

Why do you do this?

What did I ever do to you?


Published by

Marty Towns

Cult Australia author, wrote exclusively for Fear In Fear Magazine from 1993-2008 when the publishing house closed its doors. It's been 8 years since I sat down and managed to write something worthwhile, I think that's 8 years too long, let's see if I can't get this internet blogging thing to work for me. Creator of The Deadhead, or as you may now know it The Roundhead.

3 thoughts on “Daily Grind – It’s Getting Personal

  1. Is this really the way you look at the moment? If that’s true, and Gareth hasn’t seen you, then, well you have to wonder don’t you..? Is he drawing reality or creating it……


    1. Stop hiding behind your false face you son-of-a-bitch! It’s talked to me, it’s told me things, of what it will do to you, we could’ve had everything we wanted, our plan made real, but now you mock me, now, you antagonize it, why? What do you gain from this except an ending..


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