Day 362 – It Waits In The Basement – YouChallenge Short Story

This weeks YouChallenge is based on the story idea where I must tell a story about 2 young kids who find something in the neighbors basement. The original story it was taken from was called It Waits In The Basement, which appeared in issue 365 of Fear In Fear Magazine, you can read it HERE.


“I’m telling you Kyle, no bullshit, I saw them going at it with my own eyes, Kendra and Mr Wells, not more than five minutes ago!” He yells at his younger brother, who rolls over and pretends to be asleep.

“Kyle, for god sake, you’ve got to come and have a look, you’ll regret it for the rest of your life if you don’t, always wondering what they looked like out in the open,” he says, Kyle turns over and stares at Lincoln, who’s smile stretches from one ear to the other.

“What make you think I wanna see them?”

“Were twins Kyle, I know you wanna see them because I wanna see them again, and I’ve already saw them once, so you’ll at let want to see them once if not twice as well!” Lincoln says enthusiastically.

“You promise you’re not kidding?”


“Because last week you swear you saw Franny Williams get abducted by a vampire, and it turned out to be a sack of shit, so, forgive me if I don’t believe you now,” he says, rolling back away.

“Don’t be like that, you know I joke around, and it was funny to see old man Jeffery running down the road screaming they’re coming, they’re coming to get us all,” he says with a laugh, while Kyle chuckles softly as well.

“Still doesn’t change the fact you could be bullshitting again.”

“I swear to you, Kendra is next door, in the basement, with Mr Wells and they’re doing it, naked!” He says.

Kyle lets out a sigh and sits up in his bed, while his brother leaps in the air overjoyed.

“Come on, before it’s too late!” He says, grabbing his brother by the arm and dragging him out the window, across the yard, and over into Mr Well’s property, they both scurry quickly over towards a small window that peers into the basement of Mr Well’s house. The room is dark, and more than likely empty, Kyle smacks Lincoln in the arm.


“What? I swear they we….” He stop in his track as they both hear moaning coming from somewhere within the basement, they both quickly peer through the window again, this time noticing the shadowy forms of what can only be Kendra and Mr Well’s thrusting themselves at each other in the firey passions of love.

“See, I fucking told you,” Lincoln says proudly, “I fucking told you man, it’s just a pity the lights are out, you’re really missing a sight Ky…” it’s then that he notices Kyle taking off towards the back entrance to Mr Well’s house. “Kyle!” He calls out softly, “Kyle, what are you doing?”

“I’m gonna turn on the light, if it’s as good as you said, I’m not gonna be ripped off, not after you dragged me out of bed for it!” He calls back.

“Don’t be stupid man, you can sorta make out,” he stops talking once he’s sure Kyle has made his way in through the back door of house, he smiles as he looks back through the basement window as he sees a figure move down the stairs and then slowly creep towards the couple who are still intertwined and thrusting vigorously at each other.

“So predictable,” Lincoln whispers to himself as he watches his brother reach out and grab a handful of one of Kendra’s breasts, before running out of the room, up the stairs, out the house, past him, and into their backyard, Lincoln, follows quickly behind.

“What the hell Kyle? I thought you were turning on the light? Not groping her tits!”

“I was, but then, well, I thought, maybe it’d last longer if I got a real good feel.”

“Well? Don’t keep it all to yourself, how’d they feel?”

“Not like I imagined, they were harder, saggier than I would’ve thought,” he says with a confused look on his face, one that turns into a frown as he sees the look on Lincoln’s. “Who’s boob did I just grab?”

“You don’t wanna know,” Lincoln says as he bursts out loud with fits of laughter.

“Lincoln, who…” He freezes in place, as he hears the front door of Mr Well’s house open, and his mother walks out, they laugh,  say goodnight, and she leaves, all the while, Lincoln rolls around on the ground, laughing himself stupid, as Kyle feels his stomach turn, and tears start cascading down his face.

Day 355 – Thirty Minutes Or It’s Free – YouChallenge Short Story

Lost in a haze of darkness, this blog, these stories are my only escape, reclaiming what was mine.

The second YouChallenge was to tell a story about a panicked delivery driver who raced down the street. The original story it was taken from was called Thirty Minutes Or It’s Free, which appeared in issue 432 of Fear In Fear Magazine, you can read it HERE.


Thirty Minutes Or It’s Free

“Stupid fucking speed zones,” he growls to himself as he turns the bikes throttle, sending it back onto one wheel as the back tire shreads itself against the tar of the road, his eyes shoot open wide, and his grip tightens as the bike twists and turns, sending him careering wildly across the busy street.

Frantically he tries to push the bike down, but all he manages to do is jerk it to the left, onto the footpath. Screams fill his ears, as people dive left and right, trying to get out of the bikes way, he squints his eyes in sympathy as he feels the bikes impact, as it rides over some not so lucky pedestrians, who didn’t get out of the way in time.

“Fucking come on!” He grimaces through clenched teeth as he forces the bike back out onto the road and shifts all his weight to the front, bringing the front wheel back to the tar, then slams on the breaks. Nervously he casts a quick glance over his shoulder and swallows a mouthful of dry, razor sharp air, as all eyes, eyes filled with rage, stare towards him.

“Your dead meat boy,” a voice growls from in front of him, he feels hands grab the bike, and then more, grab him.

“You don’t understand, it’s not my fault, I swear, it’s the bikes, there’s something wrong with it, it’s like it’s possessed, all I wanted to do was deliver a fucking pizza, I swear, it’s not even my FUCKING bike!” He screams as he’s pulled from the bike and thrown to the ground.

“Sure kid, it was all the bike, you had nothing to do with it, do I look that stupid?” A large, brute of a man says standing above him, he shrugs his shoulders and twists his lip.

“I dunno, maybe, but I swe….” He doesn’t get to finish his sentence as the large man drives a boot into his head, not once but twice, then clenches his fists together, as the bikes engine roars to life. The man freezes in place and peers cautiously over towards the bike, as sweat runs down his brow the bike smashes into his face at full throttle.

Day 348 – Lost Days – YouChallenge Short Story

When the blog began, Matthew served you up with the idea that each week he would take some sort of challenge from you, and write a story from it.

The challenges were fake. 

How do I know this? 

An easy answer, because I wrote the stories he claimed to have created from the challenge ideas. Each story, like so much of what is on this blog, were originally written for Fear In Fear Magazine, there was no weekly challenge, there was no charm or skill involved, there was just lies.

Starting today, like I am with the 50 word stories, I will create NEW, ORIGINAL stories based on the supposed challenges each and every Wednesday, until I have taken back what is rightfully mine, my stories.

The first story Matthew used as a YouChallenge was one he renamed The Final Request, but when it appeared in issue 342 of Fear In Fear Magazine, it was called Lost Days, and the challenge itself, was to write a story about an old man sitting on a park bench, feeding some pigeons.

You can go HERE to read The Final Request, or continue downward to read my NEW story, created for and using the aforementioned challenge, ‘an old man sitting on a park bench, feeding some pigeons.’ 




He looked down at them moving, with one single purpose, to be the first, because being first meant you would not only garner all the rewards, but you would also ensure your survival. He dug his hand into the brown paper bag, and grabbed another handful of the seed, then tossed it in front of him, and again, they  flocked from everywhere, to be the first. He allowed himself to smile, taking great pride in the fact that these poor creatures might not survive, if it wasn’t for him.

“You seem pretty happy with yourself?” A voice says, he jumps with fright, quickly looking around the dirty, run down park for the owner of the voice, only to find no one, he shakes his head and grabs another handful.

“It won’t make up for it all, if that’s what you’re hoping,” the strange voice says.

This time the old man leaps to his feet, he spins in a circle, frightening all the birds away with his sudden movements, “Who are you? It’s not funny sneaking up on an old man!” He yells.

“Please excuse my theatrics, I assure you there is no humor intended, I’m just making polite conversation,” the voice replies, as black smoke oozes up from cracks in the ground, and a figure takes shape before him. He stands several feet above the old man, dressed in a stylish black suit, with a deep red shirt, the old man sucks in a breath and holds it. “Oh, I’m sorry, is this not helping the situation?” The man says.


“Get your words out Norman!” The man snarls.

Norman’s eyes widen, his skin goes pale, and his lip trembles, “H-H-How do you kn-kn-kn…”

“Oh for the sake of all that is, how do I know your name? is that what you want to know?” He asks, Norman nods his head quickly. “Well, what a grand question, sit, feed your feathered friends, and let me tell you all about it,” the man says, gesturing for Norman to sit, he hits the seat with a thud and begins to quickly empty the contents of the bag in several large handfuls, not taking his eyes off the man, who smiles as his sits beside him.

“Do you remember a short time ago, when you begged, pleaded, cried and screamed for help, when your beautiful wife Millicent was dying? Do you remember?”

Norman’s lip trembles again, and he nods his head.

“Remember when you prayed for a miracle, prayed that she be saved no matter what the cost?”

Norman nods his head again.

The man smiles once more, and leans towards him, extending his hand to shake, “Then Norman, I’ll answer your first question of who I am, I am your cost,” he says, as Norman stares deep into his eyes, and feels flames lick his very soul.

24 Days Until The End – Claude – YouChallenge Short Story

She grips the lead pipe and turns in a circle, her eyes dart frantically around, trying to peer through the darkness that surrounds her, to no avail.

“P-P-Please,” she stammers, her lips trembling, tears running down her checks, freshly formed mucus runs from her nose, and into her mouth, forming a stringy, web like substance that joins her lips, she sucks in a deep breath, and slowly begins to drop to her knees, keeping her eyes forward, finally, after what seems like forever, her trembling hand touches the concrete surface bellow her, and her hand jitters across its surface, feeling frantically for its prize, a noise to her left causes her to suck another deep breath down, holding it in, in silence.

“WHAT DO YOU WANT!” She screams, clenching her hands into fists, silence is her only answer, she frantically feels beneath her, on the cold, concrete floor, with a renewed vigor. Another sound comes from in front of her, then another to her left, she screams, terrified.

“HELP!” She yells, “SOMEBODY HELP ME!”

“No ones coming,” a raspy voice says from the darkness, she freezes, she feels the warm, wet urine escape from her badder and it rushes to the floor like a tap turned on full steam, she shakes uncontrollably, and tries to catch her breath, choking on the air as it tries to go down her throat.

“W-W-What do y-y-you want?” She stammers.

“I want nothing from you Barbra, you’re the one who called me, awoke ME, from my eternal slumber,” the voice says, her mind races, as she tries to comprehend the strange man’s reply.

“W-What, I never called anyone!” She says.

The voice laughs, “I wouldn’t be here if you hadn’t, why couldn’t you let me rest Barbra? Why couldn’t you let me go?”

Her eyes widen with fear, terror, as she recoginses the voice, she wonders why she never realised before, maybe it was the panic, the fear. That had disguised his voice from her, she clutched her chest, as her other hand brushes past her keys on the ground beneath her.

“Claude?” She whispers as the lights suddenly come back on, they lock eyes, his deformed, rotting form stands before her, hunched over, an arm dangles at his side, the other bent awkwardly behind his back, his jaw hangs loosely from his skull, the muscle and tendons petrified long ago, she screams, clutching her keys, as he shuffles slowly towards her.

Today’s challenge was, ‘Lights go out as she drops the keys.’

31 Days Until The End – Mundane – YouChallenge Short Story 

They both sit there, staring at the glass, silently staring, one of them furrows his brow, grips his chin with a hand, and begins to make a clicking sound with his tongue, then starts to whistle, before finally, stretching and letting out a very loud yawn.

“SO,” he says loudly. “What tha fuck are we doing?” The other man looks up at him, his face perplexed, as he gestures at the glass and lets out a groan.

“Isn’t it obvious?”

“Okay, Carter, sure, I mean, I KNOW what we’re doing, but I mean, what ARE WE doing?”

Carter stands up and gestures to the glass once more, this time showing his obvious frustration. “The glass man, were looking at the fucking glass, nothing else, just the glass!”

“You say that, and, look, don’t take this the wrong way, but, we’re not really looking at the glass, are we?”

“Holy shit Robbo, I mean, HOLY FUCKING SHIT, of course we’re NOT looking at the glass, I know that, you know that, we BOTH FUCKING KNOW THAT!” He yells, slamming his hands onto the table, causing the glass to jump into the air for a few seconds, before landing back down with a splash and a thunk. “But, it’s what’s in the glass man, it’s WHAT’S IN the glass!”

“Well, what are we going to do about it then, we can’t sit here all day, actually dude, I WON’T sit here all bloody day!”

“Then answer my question, what the hell should we do? I mean, who the hell do you call for something like this?” Carter says, throwing his hands in the air.

“Call the fucking water company man, tell them, and then let’s get the fuck out of here and  do something!” Robbo says.

“What the fuck am I supposed to tell them? Huh? What in the god damn HELL, am I supposed to say?”

Robbo looks down at the glass and then quickly up at Carter, “Tell the fuckers they need to start counting their employees teeth, because some son-of-a-bitch lost one, and it came out our tap!”

The End

The challenge was, ‘Is that a tooth in my drink?’

Horrorween Day 2 – Apple – YouChallenge Short Story

“Are we really going to do this?” He says nervously, looking towards her, she smiles, and he feels his heart beat, rapidly increase.

“Are you scared?”

“He said not to, out of everything, all of it, he only ever said, not to touch that, so, yeah, maybe I am.”

“Pathetic, how did I get paired with such a spineless weasel like you.”

“I don’t understand, I have a spine, and, you told me you loved me, was that a lie?”

“It wasn’t a question that needed any answers, and don’t act like you didn’t enjoy it. We both knew it was going to happen even if I didn’t tell you what you wanted to hear, so get off your high horse, and just fucking get up there and get it!”

A tear runs down his cheek, quickly followed by more, she rolls her eyes and places her hands on her hips.

“Enough with the water works honey, we both don’t want it to get nasty again, do we? Just get it down and I’ll do that thing you like.”

“Everything’s not about that, so don’t try and patronise me, it doesn’t suit you!” He says as he stamps his foot onto the ground.

“And being a drama queen suits you? Just get it before I lose my shit,” she says, taking a step forward, he shuffles backwards, placing his hands over his head, in protection.

“Okay, alright, I’ll get it, just don’t hit me again!” He yells scurrying over to the tree, climbing up its elongated branches and comes to a rest against the trunk, several feet from the ground. With on hand he grips the tree, and reaching out towards the apple with the other. His fingers lightly touch it with their tips, and it swings away.

“Put your back into it, you almost had it!” She yells.

He looks down at her, the frustration written all over his face. “Shut up, I’m trying to reach the god damn thing, but, it’s just out of reach!” He makes another failed attempt, but this time, his grip slips, and he tumbles forward. His arms flap around, as if he was hoping somehow he would magically fly, but, that is not the case, he hits the ground with a thud.

“How useless are you?” She asks, looking down on him, but, her frown of disappoint is soon replaced by a smile, as he awkwardly raises a shaking hand, holding out the apple for her, she grabs it and dances around, laughing. She looks over at him and blows him a kiss, “Guess whose getting lucky tonight?” She says as she takes a bite into the apple and……

“Can I interrupt for a Moment?” A voice asks.

“Well, it’s not really how things work, you know, normally I just finish the story and people like it, maybe make a comment or something, you know, the usual. But, well, normally a story doesn’t interfere with the process, and certainly doesn’t ask if it can interrupt.”

“I know, but, we are closing in on Halloween, and you do have this Roundhead story thing, running over the next few days, which is sort of about a story coming to life and questioning things about itself.”

“Well, sort of, but, not really. Anyway, I’d like to finish the story, so, what do you want?”

“I just want to know, are they going to have sex?”

“Sorry? What sort of question is that?”

“A valid one, I mean, it’s so obvious this is Adam and Eve, in sure we all get that, and you’re doing your usual spin on things, so, I’m expecting, as I’m sure everyone else is, that they’re going to have sex. So, are they?”

“You know what? You can finish yourself.”




…the challenge was ‘Adam and Eve’…

Day 160 – Tick Tock – YouChallenge Short Story

“Are you sure you’re doing it right?” She says as she forces herself up, onto her tippy toes and peers over his shoulder, towards the open key pad, he glances at her and rolls his eyes.

“How the hell should I know, I’ve never done anything like this before, I’m a geneticist, not an electrician.”

“Don’t get cranky at me, I was just asking,” she says as she takes a step back, holding her hands in the air.

“I’m not cranky,” he says as he turns back to the keypad, he feels a sudden sting in his eyes, and wipes the cascading sweat from his face, that is pouring down from his forehead. “I’m concentrating that’s all.”

“Sure, that’s what you’re doing, concentrating.”

“And what’s that supposed to mean?” He says as he turns back around to her.

“It means, mister high and mighty, that you’ve been concentrating for a good forty-five minutes and so far you’ve managed to do nothing. We’re still trapped in this room, and, to make matters worse, I think the air vents aren’t working, so, we’re more than likely running out of oxygen, because you broke your fucking card,” she says as she shoves him aggressively.

“For your information, Sherlock Fucking Holmes, I wasn’t the one who broke the card, it was Dulles, you remember him? The guy who you’re little lab rats down stairs took a chunk out of, when all this shit started. Anyway, where the fuck is your card? Surly you, being the intelligent one amongst us poor so……” Suddenly, he falls silent, and stands there, staring at her, unable to talk, unable to do anything.

“What’s wrong? Cat got your tongue?” She says with a smile as she places the cap on the needle and places it back into her lab coat. “Just a little surprise I was saving for you,” she says as she gives him a gentle push to the side, one that sends him crashing to the floor in a heap. His eyes stare at her, panicked, terrified. “I bet it hurts?” She says as she kneels down beside him. “No one talks to me like that, especially not some snotty nosed wanna be, never will be, like you. That’s because scum deserves to rot with its own, and you, you’re scum. I can see by the terrified look in your eyes you don’t know what I’m talking about, well, what about how you attempted to sabotage my work by going to Jones? How’s that for reason enough, pin dick,” she says gets to her feet, and drives a boot down, into his groin. “You can’t do much, but I know, you can feel pain, and there’s going to be a lot going on before it’s over for you,” she says as she quickly walks over to the keypad, reaches into a pocket, and pulls out a undamaged security card, she glances over to him again, and smiles. “I know, I had my card the whole time, who would’ve known,” she says as she swipes it, and the door, does nothing, she tries the card again, and again, but still nothing. She looks at him and can see in his eyes, she looks up as the door opposite slides open, and Dulles, followed by several other, decaying, putrid, animated corpses, stagger into the room, towards her.


The challenge was, ‘the oxygen is sucked from the room…’

Day 153 – Sample – YouChallenge Short Story

“Are you really sure that’s how you want to start it?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, it’s so, been done before more times than I can think of that’s all,” She says, smiling at him, he looks down at the piece of paper in front of him, and scans over the words and then back up to her, his face shows his confusion.

“I think it works though, I mean, I know it’s been done heaps of times, but, it’s like the classic way to begin a story.”

“But do you really want to be known as that guy?”

“What do you mean by that?”

“Well, don’t you want to be known as the guy who does all that cool shit, not the guy who doesn’t have anything original?”

“I seriously doubt the introduction of one story will make me look like some hack who can’t write his own original shit. I mean, seriously, look at all the shit I’ve got so far.”

“I know, and more people are starting to follow you, which is cool, and scary at the same time scary.”

“Scary?” he asks, turning his head to the side like a confused dog would do.

“Yeah, like, you’ve got to keep everything more original now, the more people come and read your stuff, the more original you need to be.  Answer me this, what do you plan to do with all these stories once you’re done?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean exactly what I just asked. When this is all over, what are you going to do with all this? What’s your game plan?” She asks.

“I don’t know, maybe throw it all together in a book, or a couple of books. I’m not really sure yet, it’s the last thing on my mind really,” he says as he shuffles in his seat.

She smiles and adjusts her glasses, “So let me get this right, you set out on this journey, and you don’t even have a plan what to with it all once you finish it?”

“Well sort of, but not exactly, I mean, I’ve got ideas, but I don’t have a foolproof plan in place if that’s what you’re asking. I’m more concerned with getting to the end first, after that I’ll see what happens.”

“What, you’re expecting people to come knocking on your door or something?”

“I guess something like that. You know, I started this to get noticed, to show what I’ve got to offer, to put myself out there, and honestly I believe that somewhere along the way it will happen.”

“Really? That seems pretty out there, I think you need a solid game plan, one that’ll knock people’s socks off. Otherwise, you’re just wasting your time and you might as well just rehash other people’s work instead of spending the time writing all this cool shit you do.”

“I think you’re over reacting, it’s not like I’m ripping anyone person off, heaps of people use it.”

“So, do you?”

“Well, I don’t know, but how many ways can you fucking write, once upon a time?”



The challenge was, ‘once upon a time…’

Day 146 – Red Skies – YouChallenge Short Story

“It really is beautiful,” she says as she lays next to him on the grass, tightly holding his hand.

“I know, it’s a shame it will eventually kill us,” he says as they look up into the violent, red sky.

“Still at least we’ve got two years to enjoy it.”

He laughs and grips her hand tighter, “Well be crispy pieces of bacon well before that, the report Ferguson placed on Lewis’ desk yesterday predicts nine months before it will be too hot for anyone to actually go outside, and a week after that it will be hot enough that there will be no vegetation, anywhere on earth as they’ll be so dry they’ll just ignite because of the heat.”

“I guess we shouldn’t plan for Christmas then,” she says as she shifts closer to him, snuggling against him.

He laughs, “We should celebrate it early, like next week, and we’ll do your birthday two days after that and mine after that, or, we could just roll them into one day and save time.”

“That would be nice, I’d enjoy that,” she says softly as she closes her eyes. “You think they’ll find some way out?”

“What, from this?”

“Yeah, some way to survive?”

“I think if they had more time maybe, but, were way too late in the game to do anything but count down the days,” he says, suddenly from down in the village below a huge explosion rips through half of it, with screams and cries following soon after and then the sound of gunfire, he squeezes her close and kisses her on the forehead.

“Do you think this is how it’s going to end? Fighting among ourselves?”

“More than likely, they still think the government have secret rockets ready to escape, but it’s not the movies, it’s not going to happen like that, we’re all going to fry, that’s just the plain facts.”

“People have got to believe there’s hope, don’t they?”

“This isn’t hope, it’s fear, they’re afraid to die, they don’t want to give in to it, but they’re going to have no other choice when it happens, none of us will.”

A tear runs down her face and she wipes it away, “Listen to you being all brave, who would have thought you would be the one being all calm and accepting, you’ve come a long way from when we first met, grown up so quickly,” she says as she kisses his chest.

He laughs, “We’re lying here naked in the grass after making awesome love, while the rest of the world tries to kill each other in the hope of finding a way off this rock before what was once our sun tears this planet into small pieces, I think it’s the rest of the world that’s changed, not me,” he says as she lifts her head and stares into his eyes.

“Is that code for your ready for round two?”

He looks down towards his erect member and looks back at her and laughs, “I’m not going to lie…..”



The challenge was, ‘why isn’t the sky blue anymore?’

Day 139 – Parramore – YouChallenge Short Story

“It’s not about the money,” he says as he looks into the man’s eyes.

“Bullshit, it’s always about money, everything is!” The big brute says as he pulls the hammer back and drives it down onto his hand, shattering two of his fingers. He clenches his teeth, refusing to give his tormentor satisfaction. He drives the hammer down again onto the two remaining fingers, but he still refuses to scream, even as he twists the hammers head over his pulverised fingers. Saliva drips from his mouth, mixed with blood, and he stares into his eyes, with nothing but hate.

“Fucking think you’re a big man don’t you? Think you’ve got the cohunes to do the job? I can see it in your dim witted eyes, you’re nothing more than a frightened little boy who likes to pull wings off flies because he’s afraid of them,” he says through gritted teeth. The brute backhands him across the face and he laughs as he spits a mouthful of blood to the floor. “Exactly what I thought.” He goes to swing another devastating punch but a woman’s voice breaks the tension.

“Stop Salvador, can’t you see he’s goading you into it, stay your hand my love, and let me see what Mister Parramore has to tell us,” she says as she walks from the back of the room, holding the golden box.

He laughs as he looks through his one good eyes at her and winks at Salvador, “She’s hot for me,” he says, Salvador drives another horrible left across his face and screams in anger, mixed with frustration.

“Fuck you little man, one more excuse, just one more and I’ll send you on your fucking way to the grave!”

“Salvador!” She screams.

He turns to her in a fit of rage and snarls, “Fuck him, he’s nothing but a piece of shit, just another hired gun for Watkins, let’s just end him and get the hell out of here!”

“No, he’s not like the rest, I know he knows something, don’t you?” She says as she places the box on a small table in front of him. “What power does this hold, and why does Watkins want it?”

“I never said I work for that piece of trash Watkins, I work for the owner of the box, and he wants it back!”

“Back?” She says as she laughs. “Mister Parramore, this box has been floating around for centuries, from collector to collector, each paying a higher price than the last, there is no true owner.”

“Shows how much you really know Angela, the box is part of a group of items that’s were used to breach the infinite realities, when combined with the ring of Razmats it activates and opens a doorway to the land of the Gods.”

“You lie?”

“I’m not lying, you can see for yourself, there’s a chain around my neck, that’s Razmats ring,” she stands there and looks at Salvador who charges at him and pulls the chain free. “Easy there tiger I was offering it to you, now all you have to do is place the chain in the small crevice in the center of the box and you’ll see I’m telling the truth,” he says. She snatches the chain and gently begins lowering it into the center of the box, suddenly the chain turns into a liquid and Parramore begins reciting words, ancient words that have no counterparts in the English language, and the room is engulfed in a pulse of bright green light, then, darkness. She looks at Salvador who gives her a confused look back and she looks towards Parramore.

“Fuck, the lying piece of shit escaped!” She screams as she looks at the empty chair.

“I need not escape,” a deep, gravely voice says from the darkness as the shadows begin to come together into the form of a gigantic figure. “For I am home,” it screams as it tears into the two.



The challenge was, ‘a collector after a piece.’